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^__^ ~nya
United States
so... its been like more then 6 months since this club was last active... im going to try and start it up again just cause... i miss it and i feel bad for letting it get so bad... anyway. i'll be going through all the notes sometime this week and adding people and art and stuff.  if anyone has any suggestions for acontests or just want to say something, go ahead and just send a note. thanks to eveyone =^__^=

send a note to the club with subject heading saying "i <3 yoruichi".  your note will be attended to within the week. and voila, your'e in. as a little favor to us, please watch us and put our icon in your journal so that we can spread the love.
send a note titled "let's play" and you will be added into our affilates section.

simple as this.  take the name of the club/person you want to set up a link to.  our example will be for us, "yoruichi-fc." now, you can do one of two things, either put an icon or a text link.  in order to set the icon, you must put
: iconyoruichi-fc :
do this without the spaces in between and it will look like so :iconyoruichi-fc:
*note* this cannot be used in signatures, only journals and comments

second option: text link.  ohk, instead of putting the icon thing go dev instead
: devyoruichi-fc :
if done correctly, it will look like this yoruichi-fc
*note* this CAN be used in signatures and everywhere where deviantart is accepted

END TUTORIAL *triumphant music plays*

1. dont disrespect other people.  
2. if you have art that you would like to display, send a note with the link titled "fanart" and it will be put in our fanart section
3. submission of ART
   a)all work submitted to the club must be your own.  please dont steal art.  i've had it happen to me, 'tis very sad and troublesome
   b)all maturity levels are accepted.  if you do give me somethig with mature content, it will be labeled when sent to the fanart page.  so no peeking if your'e under age.

club founder ----> :iconceruleandraco:
members-------->… (26)
affiliates--------->… (33)
fanart------------>… (16)

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dude sign me up
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happy late holidays. and can i join?
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Man yoruichi is sooo hot.
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